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Arranging a funeral

Arranging a funeral for a family member or loved one can be difficult. Here, at Grace Funeral Home, you can get advice from our funeral directors to ensure that you are able to provide a unique tribute of the life of your loved one. We also provide national and international shipping, as well as, notary services.


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Buy funeral flowers

Flowers are associated with funerals as a way of paying tribute to the deceased and expressing sympathy to the deceased’s family and friends.

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Funeral Services

The choice of whether the funeral will be a burial or a cremation is normally the deceased’s choice, if stated in a will or through personal wishes. If not known, then the family will decide. We also provide national and international shipping.

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A memorial commemorates a life by personalizing the resting place of a loved one. It also provides a focal point where loved ones can pay their respects by giving them a place to go to reflect on happy times, while helping to ensure memories are not forgotten.


Our family is here to help yours, whatever your tradition, whatever your budget.

Our tradition of serving families comes with caring, compassion, and a commitment to excellence.


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GRACE Funeral Home

At Grace Funeral Home, we do all we can to help families cope with the loss of a loved one by providing a compassionate, caring, professional response to their needs.

We are here to serve you with:

Gratitude.....for your trust in our ability to professionally fulfill your wishes,

Respect.....for your needs and desires at this hour of sorrow,

Acceptance.....for your personal beliefs and needs in regard to accurate, affordable, and appropriate services,

Courtesy.....is our motto regarding any need for assistance during and after your bereavement period,

Empathy.....for you at this special time in your life and excellence in every phase of service to you and your loved ones.


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Our Mission Statement

The mission of GRACE FUNERAL HOME (GFH) is to provide a dignified, respectful service of excellence to all who entrust their loved ones to its care. We offer at-need planning, grief counseling, and assistance with all phases of preparation of homegoing celebrations for your loved ones.

Our Commitment

We are committed to easing your burden at your time of loss by providing a full-service in accord with your desire, wether it be a church service, chapel service, cremation, burial, or shipment to another location. GRACE FUNERAL HOME is here to see you through your entire time of bereavement!

Our Goal

GRACE will provide our family a pleasant viewing setting and an exceptional lasting memory of their loved one. This will enable the bereaved to take the first step towards emotional adjustment to their loss.


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