Funeral Directors Life

In order to better the communication between funeral professionals and the families closely worked with, Funeral Directors Life has created a wealth of digital service. The services make up what is know as the Funeral Directors Life's DIGIcare services. The five services better ability to keep in touch with families. The line of communication is improved, thus improving relationships between funeral director and family member. Services and support, educational information, and various other tools are available through the DIGIcare service.


The services work together to allow funeral directors and professionals to work with the family while still having enough time to meet the families' needs. With PipelineDeals Customer Relationship Management, Precare, My Tribute Planner, Circle of Friends Aftercare, and other tools and social media management options, it has never been easier to connect, remain in contact with, and stay on the same page as the families seeking services.


The services offered by Funeral Directors Life are family/customer-centric. The goal is to increase the ability for families to communicate effectively with funeral directors. With these services, families are better able to discuss their desires, build relationships with those handling the services of their loved ones, and enhance the overall customer/family experience.


Funeral Directors Life is one of few preneed insurance providers available with means of increasing the communication between family and funeral professional via digital means. The connection with Passare Inc. allows the ability to achieve this goal. With such a simple means of communication, families are able to ensure there is a direct line of communication and connection before, during, and after the services with the funeral home are complete. Families can feel comfortable and safe in their choice of funeral home once having access to such advanced technology in funeral industry.


At Grace Funeral Home, there is dedication to work towards a connection between those in need of services and those willing to provide. It is understood that there should be a deep connection with those that are caring for loved ones once they have come to pass. The impression a funeral home leaves is important, and Grace Funeral Home understands that.Visit Our Funeral Home


Policies and offerings can change without notice. Contact our office to get complete details on what options are available.