Obituary Information and Sharing Options

Grace Funeral Home works with a major insurance assignment funding company in order to allow funeral homes to work with the insurance death claims brought forth to independent funeral homes. By taking part in a mutually beneficial financial circumstance, Grace Funeral Home is never limited in the services it can provide to families in need. No matter the family or the individual, services can be provided in the best interest, just as they are intended. The goal is to honor the deceased in the best way possible.


In the modern world, newspapers are becoming obsolete. Because of this, print obituaries are losing their audience. In order to reach the public, Grace Funeral Home has a listing regarding upcoming funerals and obituaries on their website.


In order to keep the community informed about the passing of family and friends, whether the community members live nearby or have moved away, the website's hosting of obituaries allow an easily accessible means to find information regarding the services. Just because newspapers are not readily available to people does not mean that access to times and locations for services should not be.


The Grace Funeral Home website has worked to create instant access to obituary notices via Google and various search engines. With the search engines, an instant notification alert can be set for when obituaries have been uploaded to Rather than waiting hours and needing to constantly check the website to see if information has been posted, an alert can have the information posted in minutes, or even seconds. As well, a notification system through email can be set up to place daily notifications regarding newly uploaded obituaries.


For those looking to connect obituary information and social media, Grace Funeral posts updates on Facebook regarding funeral service information. This allows all of those that follow the page to stay up to date on all of Grace Funeral Homes' obituary listings.


For those looking to share the obituary from the website onto personal social media accounts, there are sharing options available. This allows for the information regarding the service to be spread through Miami and beyond. Every member of the family and all friends, both distant and close, can have access to the obituary and hence the funeral information. Information can be shared across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and whatever other options seems best otherwise.


For those looking to have simple access to the obituary through a QR code, this is possible as well. With this, the QR code can be spanned in order to bring up the website instantly. This allows the code to be sent to anyone able to scan the QR code. This allows all of those looking to keep tabs on the information to keep the obituary close at hand.


Spreading the word about obituaries and funeral services is a great way to make sure the family and friends of the deceased have a supportive group for the day of the service. Without being in the know, people will be unaware about the service, or will find out too late to make plans to attend. By utilizing Grace Funeral Home's various means of retrieving and sharing information, it becomes easier to gather together loved ones in order to have the most effective and meaningful funeral service possible. Visit Our Website


Policies and offerings can change without notice. Contact our office to get complete details on what options are available.