Selecting a Casket or Cremation

Grace Funeral Home is dedicated to creating personally connecting services that show a genuine value and understanding for those that have passed. While cremation rates are on the rise, many families are unaware that they are still able to hold an equivalent service as those that choose to bury. Selecting a casket or cremation does not need to determine the quality of the service. Services can be elaborate or simplistic either way.


With cremation, there are funeral options available that are completely the same as for those choosing to bury loved ones. Grace Funeral Home cares deeply about affected families and those that are lost. It is important to make the process of creating a funeral for lost loved ones to be as simple as possible. There should be no stress involved in trying to handle and coordinate a funeral. Understanding that there are no options off the table once cremation is selected is an important fact to get across. Each person deserves equal access to a beautiful service that accurately represents the life lost.


Grace Funeral Home is able to accommodate all of those from and outside Miami that attend the funeral. The funeral home is perfectly open and inviting to those coming to grieve and those looking to celebrate the life lost. The ceremony can be as traditional or elaborate as is desired. Each funeral and ceremony is a custom fit that corresponds heavily with the values and desires of the family. Grace Funeral Home cares about each family and respects all of those that come through the door in their most vulnerable moments. There is a true passion and drive to create the best possible funeral service. There is love and concern for all of those that come through Grace Funeral Home's doors.


It is advised and encouraged to begin the planning process of a funeral service as soon as possible. The more time available to create a personalized funeral allows more time to get to know each other. By planning early, cost is more efficient and the stress levels can be as low as possible. Grace Funeral Home is dedicated to working hard to find the most cost efficient, stress free funeral that fits the individual circumstance. Visit Our Website


Policies and offerings can change without notice. Contact our office to get complete details on what options are available.